Antique clawfoot
bathtub refinishing.

Refinishing is a proven process that works on porcelain antique clawfoot bath tubs!

We’re proud to provide bathtub refinishing solutions that can bring antique clawfoot bath tubs and other bath fixtures back to life and make them look like brand new! Bathtub refinishing is a far more economical alternative than replacing an antique clawfoot tub, offering savings of as much as 80%.

Bathtub refinishing performed by Beautiful Finishes will restore your clawfoot bathtub to its original look and color or you can change the color to match any color you wish! After all, a traditional antique clawfoot tub is built of cast iron and will last indefinably. It’s only the porcelain surface that needs repair and bathtub refinishing is the ideal solution. Saving and “recycling” your vintage tub by refinishing it is economical and eco-friendly.

With Beautiful Finishes, we take your old worn existing clawfoot tub and resurface it with a sparkling factory-new finish that is easy to clean and is guaranteed to last for many more years.

The outside of a clawfoot bathtub can be use refinishing too. We can apply an imitation stone finish known as Stone-Flecks that will give your bathtub a breathtaking new look that will compliment the modern stone and granite bath décor so popular today.

Our bath tub refinishing process is time proven and of such high quality that most people can’t tell any difference between bathtub refinishing by Beautiful Finishes and a brand new bathtub!

Refinishing your antique clawfoot tub also allows you to continue to experience and enjoy the tradition and history of this popular bath fixture. Vintage clawfoot bath tubs are highly rated by architectural salvage experts for their antique value. Who knows…you may be bathing in a valuable piece of history!

antigue clawfoot bath tub refinishing
Antique clawfoot bathtub refinishing.

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