Anti-Slip Surfaces

Protect Your Family & Guests with our Slip Proof mats.

Beautiful Finishes has spent years developing an anti-slip application for bathtub bottoms to prevent accidents due to falls. Our patent pending system is called Slip-Proof™ and it can be installed during the bathtub refinishing process. Once installed Slip-Proof™ becomes an integral part of the refinished bathtub and will continue to offer protection for the life of the refinished tub.

The Slip-Proof™ surface offers 10 times the national standard for a slip resistant surface. A study done by the Ohio State says that most children are supervised while they are injured in the bathtub. Beautiful Finishes
Anti - Slip Bathtub mats are the answer to your childs safety. The surface is easily cleaned with a mild liquid cleaner. Slip-Proof™ can be applied in an oval pattern or in the shape of a bath mat. Beautiful Finishes also sells a product called Sure-Step Bathmats™ that are approved for a refinished surface.

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anti-slip surfaces

This bathtub has the Anti-Slip Proof built in.