Shower Ease Walk In - Tub Cut Out


Convert your bathtub into a walk in shower

Welcome to a growing new trend in bath remodeling…the SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out for bathtubs. Have your existing porcelain, steel, acrylic, or fiberglass bathtub converted to a shower unit at 70% less than the cost of installing a manufactured Walk In bath tub!

The SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out allows you to step through and not over the tub making your or your loved ones entry’s and exits easier and safer and helping to prevent slips and falls from having to raise your feet up and over traditional bathtubs.

Expensive walk in tubs require extensive bathroom remodeling to install, which can take weeks to complete. With Beautiful Finishes unique SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out system, the process is completed in only 1 day. Beautiful Finishes will price quote you right over the phone allowing you to avoid the high pressure in-home sales presentations typical of manufactured walk in tubs. SHOWER EASE™ installations can be quickly scheduled and the work completed to your schedule and most importantly…your satisfaction.

The SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out process involves removing a section of the bathtub wall and then recreating a lower wall height for easier and safer access in and out of your existing bathtub. For added safety, Beautiful Finishes can install a slip resistant texture to the bathtub bottom and the newly created step.


  • Create a safer entryway to shower in your existing bathtub. The SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out greatly improves safety, confidence, and freedom of movement in your bath.
  • Save thousands of dollars compared to installation of a prefabricated walk-in tub. You already have the existing bathtub…why not simply and inexpensively utilize the one you have? Beautiful Finishes can even change the color of your bathtub if you like!
  • Can be done in one day. If someone is coming home from the hospital and needs to access into the bathtub, you don’t have to wait weeks for help. With the SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out system, you will be amazed at the quick transformation you can achieve in only one day.

bathtub cut out beforebathtub cut out after


Protect against falls

Prevent loved ones from slipping and falling with our SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out. By eliminating the high “step over” found on most bathtubs, the SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out design provides a much safer environment, allowing seniors and others with limited mobility to shower more securely and independently.

Based on U.S. censes figures, falls are the leading cause of death, particularly among Americans 65 and older. Figures complied from the Council on Aging show that there are more than 250,000 accidents each year in and around the bath area. Easy and safer access in and out of your bathtub will prevent slips and falls. Restore independence with a SHOWER EASE™ converted bathtub.

More features:

When no longer needed, your SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out bathtub can easily be restored back to its original form at a later date if desired. Saving the tub’s cut out section will preserve the option to restore the tub to its original condition. Most competitor caps or one-piece plastic inserts don’t allow the original tub to be restored.

  • Can be sized to your specifications giving you a seamless factory-new look.
  • Enjoy a safe new walk-in shower at an affordable price!
  • The SHOWER EASE™ Walk In-Tub Cut Out becomes an integral and permanent part of your tub, unlike glued or caulked on plastic inserts offered by others.

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“As the director of a large retirement community, safety is always a priority. With Beautiful Finishes innovative SHOWER EASE™ Walk In - Tub Cut Out product, we have been able to provide a safe shower environment for our seniors at an affordable cost. Quality work, fast service, and competitive pricing make Beautiful Finishes the bathtub refinisher of choice for us.”
Anthony Bruscato
Director of Operations


“We had our bathtub refinished along with installing SHOWER EASE™ Walk In - Tub Cut Out. This saved our family thousands of dollars compared to remodeling the bathroom. The work was completed in one day compared to weeks of downtime. My mother loves the accessibility and freedom her new tub provides and can shower on her own again. Thanks Beautiful Finishes for a job well done!”
Elizabeth L.
Home Owner