Bathtub Refinishing Bensenville, IL.

When it comes to home looks, we have high expectations. After all, our home is our oasis and it has a reflection of you. Your kitchen and bathroom is where you spend most of your time, so why not add a little quality to your life and update your bathtub or countertop with a sparkling new finish that will last for years to come.
Professionaly refinished bathtub, tile and countertop can add up 15% more to the value of your home.

Our company has been a Bathtub Refinishing expert since 1975 Offering Professional bathtub and countertop refinishing services to thousand residential and commercial customers. Bathtub and countertop refinishing is our expertise. With years of experience and proven coatings. Beautiful Finishes, Inc. offers top quality bathtub and countertop refinishing services in Bensenville, IL.

Our experts here at Beautiful Finishes, Inc. deliver quality, trust, professionalism and attractivness to your home. It took us years of experiance in the bathtub refinishing industry to to build one satisfied customer at a time. Beautiful Finishes, Inc. relies on positive recommendations to spread the word through the bathtub refinishing services. Our trained technicians and top quality bathtub refinishing service is the topic amongst our friends and family.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Beautiful Finishes for your bathtub or countertop refinishing:

  • 30 years of experience - We can provide you with multi-Year references
  • Full Written Guarantee - 100% Guarantee backed by 30 successful years
  • Company Technicians - Quality Control, Performance Guaranteed & 100% Fully Insured
  • Most durable coatings on market with only 1 DAY downtime
  • Time proven process with over 30,000,000 applications worldwide

Our bathtub refinishing Process

Our refinishing company consists of highly trained craftsmen that have to follow a strict 6 step process when refinishing bathtubs or tile.

step 1.
We take extra caution to ensure that the surrounding area is protected and any unpleasant odor from the refinishing process is properly exhausted outside.

step 2.
The bathtub is thoroughly cleaned with a two step process formula to make sure the tub is clean and smooth of any soap film, oils, and mineral deposits. At this time the tech will also fix any chips, scratches or dents the bathtub has.

step 3.
A thin, yet incredibly durable coating is applied to the existing surface. A stabilized & safe etching solution is applied to porcelain or ceramic surfaces similar to the way frosting of glass takes
place to maximize the primers ability to permanently bond to the original substrate. The key to perfect bathtub refinishing is making the finish stick to the tub.

step 4.
Acrylic color of your choice is applied to the tub with a spraygun to create a long lasting durable finish.

step 5.
The area is thoroughly cleaned to every customers satisfaction.

Our step-by-step bathtub refinishing process, insures the most durable and long lasting finish on the market today.

We are a full bathtub refinishing contractor in Bensenville, Illinois 60106 that not only offers quality bathtub refinishing service, but also provides top of the line tile and countertop refinishing service.
Beautiful finishes company is dedicated to providing Bensenville and the surrounding suburbs with the finest in bathtub refinishing services. Don't wait call us today for a free estimate. 630-238-9606 or send us an email requesting a free bahthtub or countertop refinishing quote.

Call 1-800-728-2882 for a FREE in-home bathtub refinishing estimate.

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