Bathtub Refinishing - Megacure Damage

There has always been a desire to limit the “downtime” or “return to service” of a refinishing system to make the system more popular with customers. Typical cure times of 3-7 days for a bathtub to cure after refinishing were the norm over the years.

Recent innovations in refinishing coatings technology have brought cure time down to less than 12-24 hours. However, there are refinishers using rapid cure accelerating agents that can be added to a coating to speed up the “drying” part of the cure cycle. These accelerators are harmful in the respect that, while allowing you to use your bathtub in 4 hours, they stop the coating system from fully achieving the durability needed for a long lasting finish.

Tests have shown that fixtures refinished with mega or rapid cure refinishing coatings exhibit less durability to acids, solvents, and stains which can lead to a premature coating failure. If you are concerned with cost/benefits and are seeking a long-term solution make sure you avoid these types of refinishing coatings.



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