Bathtub Refinishing Hidden Shortcuts

Etch / Primer / Topcoat - Vs. Clean / Bonding Agent / Topcoat

There are other companies that have chosen to skip the etch/epoxy primer stages of the refinishing process in favor of only cleaning the surface and wiping on a bonding agent to get the topcoat to adhere.

We have tested and compared both processes and we found the etch/primer/topcoat process to be superior. Eliminating etching and the use of an epoxy primer provides savings in materials and labor to the refinisher at the expense of the customer.

The use of a stabilized etching system is both safe and non-destructive and is a critical component in the refinishing process.

It is a proven fact that epoxies make the best primers and are widely used throughout the industry in that role. They provide maximum adhesion and protection against impacts and moisture. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

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bathtub refinishing hidden shortcuts