Bathtub Liners

Choosing Bathtub Liners over bathtub refinishing may not be your best option.

What are Bathtub Liners?

Bathtub liners are made of one-piece PVC plastic or acrylic, then the liner is molded to the shape and size of your existing bathtub and then the liner is glued down to your existing tub with a strong industrial glue. Liners are installed by a licensed plumber to prevent plumbing problems.

Bathtub Liners vs. Bathtub Refinishing

When bathtub liners are compared to bathtub refinishing?
Most people think Bathtub liners are a better alternative to bathtub refinishing.
But when you take in cosideration all the problems that can occur with a liner your better option is refinishing. Bathtub refinishing is the process of restoring a worn or damaged bathtub surface, to a like-new condition. This process typically involves repairing any damaged areas from the liner, prepping the surface and applying a new finish. It is not a good idea to install a bathtub liner over a bathtub that is not seriously damaged, when a simple refinishing can fix the problem.

Bathtub Liner Problems:
The Cost of Bathtub Liners

While it is true that choosing a bathtub liner over bathtub replacement will save you money, bathtub liners are still more expensive than bathtub refinishing. They are usually 50% to 70% more expansive than bathtub refinishing. Average liner can start at a cost of $1,200 but if you add accessories: a wall system, soap dishes, etc the price could go up to $4,000. More expansive versions of bathtub liners can even cost up $5,000, while the average refinishing job with Beautiful Finishes can be much less than $350.

A smart low cost alternative to bathtub liners is refinishing of the existing bathtub. The refinishing process usually takes 1 day and the installation of a tub liner could take up to several weeks.

Time to Install Bathtub Liner

Bathtub Liners usually take a lot longer than refinishing. Since liners are made to fit over your existing tub, measurements have to be taken.

First, a sales person comes to your home with a contract for you to sign. Then, either the sales person or another technician measures your tub. The liner is then manufactured in an off-site factory, increasing the likelihood of discrepancies between the liner and your actual tub's measurements. Then the liner is shipped to the installer. Once the installer receives it, they schedule another appointment for installation.The entire process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks from the initial conversation with the sales person.

With Beautiful Finishes, our factory-trained technicians come to your home, set up, apply, clean up, and are out within a matter of hours.

Water Accumulation from Bathtub Liners

Improper installation or measurements can lead to water accumulation between the tub and the liner. Bathtub Liners can crack overtime either from everyday use or improper installation. Bath Tub liners are designed to fit over your existing bathtub and walls. Several problems that may occur are result of water building in the space between the existing tub and the installed liner. This is next to impossible to remove without replacing the liner itself. Over time, this water becomes stagnant, and will lead to offensive odors and unsanitary mold and mildew. The following issues can result in this water buildup:

>>Cracks in the liner around the drain due to improper measurements.

>>Since liners are formed from a single sheet of plastic, the corners are typically thin and are prone to cracking as well.

>>Improper installation or insufficient adhesive can also result in leaks around the drain areas.

Beautiful Finishes refinishing eliminates open spaces because our process creates a permanent molecular bond between the new finish and the existing substrate, moisture cannot accumulate, thus eliminating the problem.

bathtub-linersbathtub liner

The tub liner to the left failed in less than 3 years from installation.
Note: The adhesive used to “glue” the liner on.

Bath Tub Liner Replacement

Bathtub Liners are very hard to remove. To remove a liner usually involves ripping or cutting the old liner out which can cause damage to the existing bathtub. Due to the manner in which they are installed, liners have a bad reputation for cracking or overtime creating a hole or crack in the caulk.

When that happens water gets trapped in between the tub and the liner and creates unpleasant odors and overtime mold and mildew build up. Once water gets trapped in between the bath tub and the liner it is impossible to clean it out, therefore the only fix is to replace the liner.

Avoid the hassle, time and expense of installing or replacing a bathtub liner! Call Beautiful Finishes today and have your bathtub refinished.

Limited Selection of Color for Bathtub Liners

Bathtub liners have a limited color selection. Unlike bathtub refinishing, bath tub liners usually come in a limited selection of colors which is standard white, almond, biscuit, and gray. Also, some liners are made from plastic, and do not have a glossy appearance of a new acrylic surface.

With Beautiful Finishes, we can refinish any of your bathroom fixtures in any color you desire. We can custom design any color you can imagine, and can even color-match to your existing bathroom fixtures.


If you would like to compare bathtub liners to bathtub refinishing costs. Call our sales representatives today 630-238-9606 and get a free quote?