Ceramic Tile Countertop Refinishing

Ceramic Tile Countertops and vanities can also be problematic. Older tile colors can often be outdated, just as with laminates. Individual tiles can crack or become worn and lose their luster. In addition to these problems, grout lines can become stained or dirty, especially with white grout. Grout itself is very difficult to clean due to the fact that it is a naturally porous material. With our refinishing process, grout lines are completely sealed, making your tile countertop or vanity much easier to clean as well as less prone to things such as mold or mildew, which can often get trapped within exposed grout. before you decide to replace that old tile countertop or vanity, consider refinishing it with one of our unique stone finishes. Choose a color and texture that is right for you!











ceramic tile countertop refinishing
Ceramic tile countertop after refinishing.