Is My Clawfoot Bathtub Valuable?

With the recent popularity of antique clawfoot bathtubs, the answer is yes! Here are several reasons why your tub may be valuable:

1. Architectural salvage yards sell old worn clawfoot tubs for around $100.00. Just about all of these tubs experience bathtub refinishing after they are installed. A Clawfoot bathtub that has seen refinishing can sell on the internet for upwards of $1200.00-$1600.00. New re-productions of clawfoot tubs, depending on the style range from between $1600.00-$3000.00, so bathtub refinishing not only saves you a lot of money, but also restores the original value of your antique tub!

2. There are four main styles of clawfoot bathtubs. The Classic was the most common and most manufactured clawfoot tub and thus nearer the bottom of the antique value chart. However, while the average size for these tubs is 5 feet, there are rare 4 to 6 foot versions out there that command much higher prices, once the refinishing is completed. Pedestal clawfoot tubs are also quite rare.

3. The clawfoot tub got its name from the claw or ball shape on the feet of the tub. There are many different styles and designs on even the most common clawfoot tub. Check to see what you have on your tub, as they can be quite rare and make your tub even more valuable an antique. Common styles were ball only or claw designs of animals with eagle claw the most popular.

There was no limit on ornate design during the Victorian era as each manufacturer tried to outdo the other. Below are some examples of the variety that exists, with some feet such as the Rams Head being quite rare. During the bathtub refinishing process, the feet can be simply painted over, or the feet can be removed and re-plated at a metal refinishing shop in brass, gold, bronze, or silver to maximize the value and the look.














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