Commercial Refinishers

We are the preffered commercial refinishers.

Largest commercial refinisher in the Midwest, we have both the experience and manpower to complete even the largest commercial refinishing projects. Our reputation of successfully following schedules, meeting completion deadlines, and working well with other trades makes Beautiful Finishes Inc. the best choice for your next refinishing project. One of the reasons why we are the preffered commercial refinisers is because we use high performance time tested refinishing coatings that work on many surfaces. Our coatings are so durable, they can add up to 15 to 20 more years of useful service life to many surfaces.

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Our Clients

Apartment Managers
Real Estate Professionals
Interior Designers
Condo Associations
Government Housing
Nursing Homes
Office Buildings
Health Clubs



Our Services

Porcelain Refinishing
Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Fiberglass Refinishing
Wall Surrounds Refinishing
Shower Stalls Refinishing
Refinishing of Formica Countertops
Laminate countertop refinishing
Wood Cabinet Refinishing
Cultured Marble Refinishing
Metal Refinishing
Firebrick Tile Refinishing
Sink Refinishing
Restroom Partitions
Glazed Cinderblock