Multi - Color Wall Paint Finishes

Paint your high traffic areas with our durable Multi-Color Wall Paint Finishes.


What are Multi-Color Wall Paint Finishes?

Multi-Color Wall Paint Finish is a water based spray on seamless alternative to traditional wall paint coverings. Multi-Color Wall Paint Finishes are 50% less expensive than vinyl wall coverings and will last much longer without fading, peeling, or lifting. It's easier to maintain as stains and dirt can be quickly scrubbed away.

The tough and durable surface makes Multi-Color Wall Paint Finishes the ideal solution for public and high traffic areas, hotel, apartment, and office environments whether during a renovation or new construction.

Select one of the wide selection of decorator wall paint colors or work with our state of the art lab to create a color that fits your specific needs.










stone-flecks muslti color

Click here to download a Color Chart of our Multi-Color Wall Paint Finishes

Stone-Flecks- Imitation Stone Finishes.