Refinishing Gallery

In our Refinishing Image Gallery we have included before and after refinishing shots that were taking by our technicians.

bathtub refinishing


bathtub before refinishing bathtub after refinishing image

Bathtub before refinishing

Learn more about Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub after refinishing


ceramic tile refinishing #


ceramic tile refinishing image ceramic tile refinishing image

Ceramic Tile Before refinishing

Learn more about Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Ceramic Tile After refinishing


Bathtub Chip Repair


bathtub chip repair image bathtub chip repair after

Learn more about Bathtub Chip Repair



Kitchen Countertop Refinishing


countertops before refinishing countertop after refinishing image

Counters before refinishing

Counters after refinishing

countertop refinishing before countertop refinishing after

Countertop Refinishing Before

Countertop Refinishing After

kitchen countertop refinishing before kitchen countertop refinishing after

Kitchen countertops before

Kitchen countertops after


Close up of countertop refinished in Riverrock

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing


cabinet refinishing before image cabinet refinishing after

Cabinets before refinishing

Cabinets after refinishing

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Commercial Wall Tile Refinishing


wall tile refinishing before wall tile refinishing after
wall tile refinishing before wall tile refinishing after

Wall Tile Refinishing Before

Wall Tile Refinishing After

stone-flecks wall painting before stone-flecks wall painting after

Walls refinished in Stone-Flecks before

Walls refinished in Stone-Flecks after

see more Stone-Fleck walls....


Appliances Refinishing


appliance refinishing before appliance refinishing after

Refrigirator before Refinishing

Learn more about Appliance Refinishing


Refrigirator after Refinishing


Bathtub Cut out / Walk in Tub


bathtub cut out, walk in tub bathtub cut out, walk in tub

Bathtub cut out before

Bathtub cut out After




anti-slip surfaces

Anti-slip proof goes on the bottom of your tub
Slip-Proof™ can be applied in an oval pattern or in the shape of a bath mat.

Learn more about Anti-Slip proof mats



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