Imitation Stone Finishes

What is stone-Flecks?

With Stone-Flecks you can refinish Countertops, Ceramic Tile and Walls.

With the continued popularity of granite and other stone surfaces for kitchen and bathroom countertops, the demand has also increased dramatically for Stone-Flecks™ as a low cost and alternative to achieve that rich stone look on your existing kitchen or bathroom counters. Cost savings of up to 80% are common. Every homeowner gets excited at the prospect of having the look and feel of the finest materials in their home without having to pay a premium price. And with Stone-flecks, one of the latest countertop refinishing innovations, you can achieve that. This breakthrough product creates the sophisticated, realistic look of stone and granite on multiple surfaces, including countertops.

Stone-Flecks™ Imitation Stone Finishes offer many other advantages such as superior stain and acid resistance. With real stone you have to seal the surface every 6-12 months while with Stone-Flecks™ the surface is non-porous, eliminating this hassle. We offer a variety of colors. Download our color chart to see what colors we offer.

Refinish your countertops and save big!!



Stone-Flecks Color Chart

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Stone-Flecks Countertops stone-flecks refinished counters

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