Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops
    Outdated or damaged countertops in your kitchen or bathroom can be beautifully
refinished with our imitation stone refinishing system.
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Stone-Flecks Ultra Green Line

Multi-Color Finishes
Eco Friendly - VOC Compliant
    *Note: All colors are approximations, actual results may vary.
glacier white white vein granite charcoal midnight sky
Yukon White Vein 572 Granite 199 Charcoal 198 Midnight Sky 705
desert bone stone-flecks colors fossil stone-flecks almond crust stone-fleck color sandstone stone-flecks colors river rock
Desert Bone 736 Fossil 138 Almond Crust 651 Sandstone 194 River Rock 068
clay fieldstone cliff stone-flecks colors beach sand stone-flecks colors  
Clay 251 Fieldstone 005 Cliff 285 Beach Sand 277  
galena stone-fecks colors landslide telluride stone-flecks colors java stone-flecks colors  
Galena 815 Landslide 332 Telluride 708 Java 829